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Competence Centre of Food and Fermentation Technologies
Knowledge in food and fermentation

Competence Centere of Food and Fermentation Technologies (CCFFT) was founded on July, 12th 2004 by Tallinn University of Technology and six partner companies. Today we have about 60 workers: 2 professors, 5 post-docs, 15 PhD students and 28 MSc scientists.

CCFFT offers extensive knowledge both in food and fermentation science. The technological base of the CCFFT is regarded as contemporary and sufficient for carrying out research in the Food and Fermentation Technology field.

CCFFT research projects are co-funded by Enterprise Estonia and by our customer companies. This gives our clients a unique opportunity to do exhaustive R&D studies with distributed costs.

CCFFT is searching  for better utilization of Baltic sprat and Baltic herring with Estonian Agricultural Ministry. We started out by describing the properties of sprat and herring (caught from Estonian waters) during diffrent catching seasons. The next step will be analysing the potential of sprat and herring for diffrent fish products, and the quality and stability of these fish products. Outcome from this project will help Estonian fish producers in their future investmet plans and also in R&D of sprat and herring products.