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WEFTA is working together with  a number of seafood research organisations in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference

The objects of the AFTC corporation are to be a non-profit, professionnal educational association to promote the application of science and engineering to the production, processing, packaging, distribution, preparation and utilization of fishery products; by stimulating investigations into technological problems arising therein, and providing means for the free interchange of technological information and ideas among fishery technologists; by promoting recognition of the role of fishery technologists; all of these endeavors having the ultimate objective of providing better fishery products for mankind.

Seafood Science and Technology Society

The Seafood Science and Technology Society of the Americas is a professional and education association of aquatic food product technologists.  They are interested in the application of food science to the unique problems of production, processing, packaging, distribution, storage and preparation of the tropical and subtropical species be they harvested, cultured or fabricated for domestic or international commerce.  Their principle objective is to advance the use and understanding of applied and basic science as it relaties to product quality and safety.  Their membership is open to commercial interest, government agencies, academic expertise and students.  Membership simply involves registration and participation in their annual conferences. The topics typically involve products from the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic regions, from Texas through Virginia and including the Caribbean Basin and countries about the Gulf of Mexico.  They welcome and encourage participation from siliar tropical and subtropical regions around the world. 

The society's prime activities involve an annual conference to exchange ideas, results of research, educational programs and new developments.  These proceedings have been preserved in annual publications through 1997 and through the adoption of an electronic source / website in 1999.

Pacific Fisheries Technologist organisation

The Pacific Fisheries Technologists is a volunteer professional society for fisheries technologists. The PFT held its first organizational meeting in 1948 in Seattle, Washington at the Pacific Fisheries Technological Laboratory of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.  The founding members agreed that PFT would be a strong asset to fisheries technologists by promoting: 1) better working relationships of the companies, universities and government laboratories specifically involved in Pacific fisheries, and 2) worldwide relationships through future joint meetings and communications.  PFT is now in its sixth decade of convening annually among a six-year rotation of: British Columbia, Alaska, Mexico, California, Oregon, and Washington.  PFT leadership varies annually and follows the respective host country and state, or province. Membership is open to anyone interested in fisheries technology.  The PFT web site  provides news on the upcoming conference and contact information. 


New AQFood Nordic master program
Start fall 2012

The Nordic Master in "Aquatic Food production – Safety and Quality” AQFood targets Nordic and International students with background in chemistry, biology natural sciences, environment, health and production, biotechnology who are interested in specialising in Aquatic Food at the Master level. The programme (start from fall 2012) is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the aquatic food production, whether they will be professionals in aquaculture production, industrial food production or natural resource management. The focus in AQFood is to address the entire value chain and to consider important aspects of economy, production management as well as environmental challenges making it a unique Master education. For more information click here or contact the coordinator Caroline P. Baron (DTU Food, Denmark).