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WEFTA wg meeting 2007


Western European Fish Technologists´ Association (WEFTA) Working Group on Analytical Methods for Fishery products

Summary of the annual meeting in Ostend, Belgium, 3rd  and 4th  May, 2007

Rapporteur: Horst Karl

The meeting of the WEFTA Working Group on Analytical Methods is an informal forum to discuss actual analytical problems and issues concerning marine food.

The 29th annual meeting of the WEFTA Working Group on Analytical Methods took place under the chairmanship of J. Oehlenschläger, Germany, at the ILVO Kenniseenheid DIER-Visserij in Ostend, Belgium on Thursday 3nd  and Friday 4th of May 2007. 
The meeting of was attended by representatives from 6 institutions of five countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Iceland, Spain, and Italy


1. Opening of the meeting (J Oehlenschläger)
2. Welcome address by host country
3. Technical details of the meeting
4. Introduction of participants
5. Nomination of rapporteur
6. Reports from the last „Directors meeting“ in Quebec, Canada
7. Report of the last meeting (Florence, 2006)
8. Reorganisation of the work of the analytical working group
9. Collection of available methods
10. Information about imported tropical species (all)
11. Progress report on EU funded projects (all)
12. Collaborative trial on canned sardines
13. Parasites (Tejada)
14. Ciguatera toxin and poisonings (Karl)
15. Problems concerning consumption of “butterfish” (update)
16. Legislation in the seafood sector
       - International (Codex  Alimentarius) e.g.  Smoked fish
17. Collaborative trial on fat determination
18. Actual laboratory questions, problems and “good to know” issues
19. Other business (analytical projects and new developments)
20.  Future business and tasks of the Working Group
21.  Date and place of the next meeting
22.  Adjourn

A list of the members of the WEFTA Working Group on Analytical Methods and their actual activities was adopted from the participants (click here for the list of members).


A collection of available analytical methods, either developed or validated by WEFTA members shall be collected by the members and placed on the home page.
The group agreed on a template for the presentation of the methods. The template can be obtained from the rapporteur.
Each member is invited to send their methods (in English) as electronic version to the rapporteur.  Each country signs responsible for their methods and has to follow the above agreed template.

The group addressed their concern about parasites in fish and asked their members to list actual problems and send them to the rapporteur.

The statement of the Working group on possible risks concerning Cigua toxin in sea food, prepared by Karl and Oehlenschläger, was adopted and has been placed on the home page.
A collaborative trail on fat determination using a modified method of Smedes is under progress.

 The 30th meeting of the group will be held in Boulogne sur mer, France, June 5th  and 6th 2008, hosted by Guillaume Dulfos, ASSFA.