Reduction of environmental impact and new markets

Research areas Aquateam Firenze

Aquaculture team from Florence have been researching in two main areas: reduction of environmental impact, and opening new market. First of all, lipid and protein composition, physical properties and consumers perception of fish fed with alternative sources of proteins (plant proteins or insect meals) have been studying in order to understand the effect of the utilisation of plants or insects as alternative protein source, that could represent a way for reducing the pressure on natural fish stocks.


Then, how to valorise and extend the market of species interesting for Italian and European aquaculture agrees with the general goal of open new fish market. Specifically, the exploitation of no marketable fish, such as damaged or undersized ones, has been considering for the production of new fish derived products. The effects of new technologies, such as mechanical separation process, on nutritional value and stability during storage have been deeply investigating.

The AquaTeam of Florence University has strict relationships with the aquaculture farmers operative in many areas of Tuscany and other Italian regions and is part of a network constituted by Italian Universities and Research Institutes working in the topic of aquaculture.


AquaTeam of Florence University AquaTeam of Florence University