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EGE University, Turky
Quality and quality assurance in the fish industry

Ege University  was established in 1955. There are 11 faculties connected in Ege University. Faculty of Fisheries is one of them. The aim of the faculty of fisheries established in 1982 is to train technical workers (fisheries engineer) in the field of fisheries, aquaculture, technology and fish disease at the end of four years education in faculty.
Fishing and Processing Technology Department is formed by separate main areas as Fishing Technology and Processing Technology. Fish Processing Department deals with all the problems about quality and quality assurance in the fish industry, during processing and consuming. Composition and processing technology of fish products made from fish, molluscs and shellfish are investigated. Fish Processing Department acts as counselor to the seafood industry and fishery organizations with the help of research results, scientific work and organizations.  
Except education, academic staff goes on studying in various fields. This department cooperates with the public establishments such as Ministry of Agriculture, Municipalities and Processing plants that support scientific researches like The Scientific and Technology Application and Research Center (TUBITAK) and Ege Science Technology Application and Research Center (EBILTEM). The laboratories of Fish Processing Technology Department  are equipped with the equipments for microbiological (stomacher, pH meter, autoclave, pasteur oven, incubators), physical and chemical analysis (spectrophotometer, centrifuge, spectropen colour measurement equipment, Kjeldahl apparatus, water   activity equipment, thermocouple, thermo data loggers, Texture Analyser TA-XT plus, Viscosi/rheometer, nitrogen determination analyzer). Except of them we use amino acid analyser, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, elemental analyzer system, HPLC which are available in EBILTEM.
Main research activities are:
- Development and application of methods for food control of fish and fish products,

- Making suggestions about international standarts of fish and fish products,

- Composition of raw materials and  fish products (macro and micro components, undesirable components and contaminants

- Quality (chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory analysis together with the spoilage indicators)

- Processing technology, Quality of captured and cultured fish (collaborated with Aquaculture department).

Fish processing department consists of 10 people including 1 professor, 4 assistant professors, 1 associative professor, 4 research assistants. Also there are MSc and Ph.D students attending courses in this department.