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University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Expertise in seafood safety and hygiene

The Department of Hygiene and Technology of foods of Animal Origin, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) in Greece includes three laboratories. Seafood research is conducted in the Lab. of Hygiene of Foods of Animal Origin and in the Lab. of Technology of Foods of Animal Origin and is focused on processing, quality and safety of fishery products.
The Lab. of Hygiene of Foods consists of seven academic members who devote their time to the teaching in the area of Food Safety/Hygiene as well as to the research. There are two units, the microbiological and the chemical. The group of microbiological unit is very experienced and trained in all aspects of Food Microbiology; their work in this field deals with the isolation and identification of microorganisms of interest in food (either pathogens or spoilage and starters) both with conventional and molecular (PCR) methods. The group of the chemical unit is very experienced in the determination of residues of veterinary drugs in food of animal origin. Both units are fully functional and technologically well equipped (PCR machine, instruments for gas and liquid chromatography, electrophoresis apparatus etc.). The laboratory of Hygiene of Food participated in several research projects and concerted actions and published papers on microbiological safety, food safety, and residues of veterinary drugs in cultivated fish. Cooperation with other laboratories is a common practice.

The Lab. of Technology of Foods consists of three academic members with special experience in quality assurance of foods of animal origin and development and control of quality systems. The members of laboratory are involved in the production and quality control of different kinds of animal origin such as meat and meat products cooked and fermented, fishery products, surimi-like products etc. The laboratory has available space for research and is equipped with the necessary machines and laboratory instruments. There are as well, a separate room for the sensory analysis of the produced products and a unit of food biotechnology.