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Instituto del Frio (CSIC), Spain
Quality, processing, product developement and technology transfer



The Instituto del Frío (IF) was founded in 1951, with the name of Centro Experimental del Frío to respond to the needs of research in different sectors of the Spanish refrigeration industry. In 1977, it changed its name to the one which it is having at the present. But gradually, within the last three decades, it extended its field of research to Science and Food Technology which is one of the domains of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), to which actually it belongs.
The scientific structure of the Instituto del Frío, approved at the meeting of the governor of CSIC in February 1994, has a mixed-character for the fact that some departments are based on horizontal disciplines and the others on vertical according to products or sectors. The research that it is realized has an applied-basic orientation and counts on a public finance from the European Union, the National Plan for Food Technology and the Madrid Autonomous Community; as well as on a private finance from industrial contracts and technological support schemes. The scientific productivity is diffused in form of specialized publication in magazines and bulletins. And the most applied character of the research has materialized in patents which are available or in exploitation.
The Instituto del Frío also takes active part in the formation of staff by supervising doctoral thesis, lecturing and supervising university courses of the third cycle, organizing formation courses and involving researchers in external courses.
The Instituto del Frío also maintains extensive international relationship with European organisms as well as Latin Americans, through the research contracts with the European Union, bilateral agreement with Latin American countries or participation in CYTED projects.
The Fish Research Group is integrated in Department of Science and Technology of Meat and Fish Products and bases its activity in: Quality, Processing, Products and Sub/Co-products and Technology Transfer .