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Finish Game and Fisheries Institute, Finland
Sustainable use of fish

The Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute produces research-based information for the sustainable use of fish and game resources, for the maintenance of biodiversity, and for the vitality of the fishing industry and reindeer husbandry.

Institute functions under administration of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Research is carried out in three research units: Fisheries Research Unit, Game and Reindeer Research Unit and Socioeconomic and Aquaculture Research Unit.

Seafood research is conducted in the unit of Socioeconomic and Aquaculture Research, where a ‘Research Programme on Fish, Game and Reindeer Products and Economics’ has been initiated. Programme was created in order to elicit collaboration and synergism of research in various institutes and universities. At the moment research efforts as such are relevant and distinguished but highly fragmented in Finland.

Current and future research trends in the unit include:

  • consumer needs and global markets
  • healthy food products with high quality
  • diversified and sustainable production and iiii) changing industry and competitiveness.