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Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food, Germany
Quality seafood products

The research efforts of the Department of Fish Quality shall contribute to the aim of improving the safety and quality of fishery products. Fish and shellfish, as well as marine algae, are studied along the production chain from catch to consumption. Fish meal and fish feed are other important objects of research

Food chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, physics, microbiology and sensory assessment are used in an integrated approach to study aspects of seafood safety and quality, health-promoting and bio-active compounds in fishery products, consequences of new technological processes, food law, and consumer protection.

Members of the staff are regularly performing research cruises to collect authentic fish and shellfish samples at sea. These samples are used in the laboratory for analysing organic and inorganic pollutants, health-promoting compounds, as reference material for species identification by DNA- and protein analysis, and for a number of other purposes. Work on board of the research trawlers is also dealing with aspects of fresh fish quality and shelf life.

Many of the research activities are performed in the frame of European projects, with  partners from research institutes, fish processing companies and food control laboratories.