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Activities from 1979 - .....
Broad spectrum of seafood subjects

1979 Bones, thaw drip and glaze, parasites
1980 Bones, breaded and battered products, parasites, degassing procedures
1981 Ammonia, bones, fish content in coated products, glaze, drip loss and net contents
1982 Nitrogen determination by Kjeldahl, fish content of coated products, minced fish in QF fish fillet portions, bones
1983 Bones, added water, mince content, TVB-N, nitrogen by Kjeldahl, glaze, WEFTA grading scheme, fish content
1984 Fish content of coated products, mince content of blocks, TVB-N, bones, nitrogen by Kjeldahl, glaze determination, fat content
1985 TVB-N, fat content, bones, texture
1986 Texture, mince content, fat content, TVB-N, nitrogen Kjeldahl, formaldehyde
1987 Texture, TVB-N, viscosity, formaldehyde, fat content
1988 Added water, bone fragments, TVB-N, statistics in sensory assessment
1989 EU hygiene regulation, EU grading scheme, TVB-N, sensory texture profile, biogenic amines, alagal toxins, additives, date marking, tainting,freshness indices
1990 TVB-N, biogenic amines, additives, species identification, electrical resistance measurements, EU standards for tuna and sardines, EU grading scheme, texture, tainting, EU hygiene regulation
1991 TVB-N, DMA, EU regulations, biogenic amines, algal toxins, species identification, multilingual guide, EU hygiene directive, sulfite determination, frozen/thawed fish, nematodes
1992 EU grading scheme, multilingual dictionary, mussel.algal toxins, sulfite, parasites, fish tester, frozen/thawed fish, TVB-N, chlorinating, indole
1993 Phosphates, fish hygiene directive, sulfite, nitrogen by Kjeldahl, Fish tester, fish species identification, indole, phosphorus levels, acetic acid, sensory
1994 Sulfite, nitrogen by Kjeldahl, indole, formaldehyde, TVB-N, algal toxins, iodine
1995 Nitrogen by Kjeldahl, indole, salt, acetic acid, iodine, microbiology
1996 Indole, TVB-N, salt, acetic acid, iodine, cholesterol, Salmonella, Listeria
1997 Indole, salt, EU regulation, nematodes, Listeria
1998 Indole, salt, acetic acid, 4-hexylresorcinol, Listeria
1999 Salt, acetic acid, substitute for sulfite
2000 Salt, acetic acid, collaborative trial pH
2001 Indole, salt determination, acetic acid  determination, phosphate content, melanosis inhibitors, collaborative trial on pH-measurement, QIM listing, viability of nematodes, water determination method
2002 Phosphate content, collaborative trial on pH-measurement, water determination method, Sensory assessment
2003 Collaborative trial on Chloramphenicol, phosphate content, collaborative trial on canned sardines, tropical species, collaborative trial on pH-measurement, water determination method, drained weight and net weight determination, problems concerning consumption of "butterfish”,  experience with a combustion nitrogen analyser for muscle protein

Phosphate content, collaborative trial on canned sardines, quality of organically and conventionally farmed fish, tropical species, actual problems in member countries (PAH, DK, Anisakis)


Tropical species, collaborative trial on canned sardines, contaminant guidance, problems concerning consumption of "butterfish”, legislation in the seafood sector - EU (legislation on dioxin and dl-PCBs and International (Codex  Alimentarius) smoked fish, caviar standard.

2006 Tropical species in each country, collaborative trial on canned sardines, parasites, ciguatera toxin and poisonings, problems concerning consumption of "butterfish” (update), Legislation in the seafood sector - EU (legislation on dioxin and dl-PCBs and International (Codex  Alimentarius) e.g.  smoked fish, caviar standard, sensory issues.
2008 Parasites, dioxine Baltic herring, fat determination sardines

Parasites, dioxine Baltic herring, fat determination, sardines