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Poul Hansen
Pioneer of WEFTA died

Poul Hansen
*01.05.1926        † 22.02.2007.

Poul Hansen graduated as chemical engineer in 1950 and became member of the scientific team at the Fisheries Technological Research Laboratory in 1954 (Fiskeriministeriets Forsøgslaboratorium – FF).
In the years between he had employments by the Greenland administration as well as in aid programmes in the Third World.

In 1967 he became the director of the Research Laboratory and it was under his leadership the development of the mechanical fish sorting and icing machinery on board the fishing vessels took place.

The Third World always had his attention, and it was very much his merit that the FAO/DANIDA training courses in fish technology were placed at his laboratory during the early 70ties, where a number of young scientist/technologists from abroad learned to start from having the fish in their own hands and  from there  develop guidelines etc.

He was also the initiator to the annual meetings between the fish technological research laboratories in Western Europe through his request to the former director of the Dutch fisheries research laboratory in IJmuiden, Ir. van Marmeren, to institute a meeting between the fish technological research laboratories on a more regular basis.

I was the messenger for Poul Hansen and met van Marmeren in his laboratory in 1969 after the FAO Conference in Halifax and he was very positive.

The first meeting in what later was named WEFTA took place in 1970 in IJmuiden and was meant to be a forum where young scientists  could present their work for discussions  between their own group of scientists.
The next meeting was in Copenhagen 1972 and then it continued on a yearly regular basis.
Poul Hansen left the Danish Fisheries Research Laboratory in 1987 for to live in Chile, a country he learned to love from his work as project manager for a UNDP/FAO project in 1973-75.

Poul Hansen will remain in our memory as a brave and innovative person.

Lars Herborg