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Nils Kristian Sørensen
18 May 1948 - 30 September 2007

It was with shock and grief we received the message that our colleague Nils Kristian Sørensen had suddenly passed away, Sunday September 30.

Nils Kristian was connected to the research institutions of Tromsø for the greater part of his professional life. He was born in Tromsø May 18, 1948, and completed his MSc (sivilingeniør) in technical biochemistry at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1973.
In 1975 he was assigned a position as researcher at Fiskeriforskning (the Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture Research), where he worked as a senior researcher from1982 onwards. From 1996 he held a part-time post at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, and from 2005 he was a full-time employee as Associate Professor of the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, Department of Marine Biotechnology.

Nils Kristian's scholarly profile spans academic work in several areas related to the processing of marine foods. Central issues have been pre-rigor processing and the evaluation of slaughter methods for Atlantic salmon with respect to ethics and quality. He has also worked with freezing of non-processed salmon in order to document shelf life and quality, and has contributed to the development of new techniques for instrumental, objective quality measurements.The last few years Nils Kristian's work focused mainly on studies of freshness in farmed salmon and in wild cod. Nils Kristian also worked on quality improvement on traditional products such as salted fish and stock fish.

Nils Kristian has also been active in WEFTA for many years. He was representing for a long period Fiskeriforskning in the meeting of delegates and gave many presentations at the annual WEFTA meetings. He organised with his team in 1998 the successful annual WEFTA meeting in Tromsø. Also Nils Kristian contributed with his specific knowledge on fish freshness in the European Concerted Action projects ‘Evaluation fish freshness’ and ‘Fish Quality Labelling and Monitoring’.

Nils Kristian saw the promotion and transfer of knowledge to the agents in the fishing industry as an important part of his work as a researcher. He was an engaging and popular lecturer on the conferences of the fishing industry and academic symposia alike both at home and abroad, and worked extensively with publishing popular science articles in trade-related papers and periodicals.

Nils Kristian was in all ways a well appreciated and nice WEFTA colleague. Nils Kristian Sørensen will remain in our memory.