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Jörg Oehlenschläger the WEFTA 2008 award winner!

For the first time in the history of WEFTA an award was given. Ingrid Undeland, chair of the WEFTA award committee, presented at the gala dinner of WEFTA 2008 in Firenze the jury report. The award is initiated to recognise persons who have been contributing to the WEFTA spirit.


The first WEFTA award 2008 was given to Jörg Oehlenschläger (Max Rubner Institute, Federal Research Centre for Nutrition and Food) for his outstanding record in seafood research. Further he has been active in reviewing research from others. He is editor of several scientific journals and he has been involved in evaluating EU proposals. In WEFTA context Jörg has been a key person in the WEFTA working group analytical methods, WEFTA industry forum and the WEFTA booth at the Bremen Seafood Exhibition. Further Ingrid characterised Jörg as a visible person with a great interest in travelling, food and wine and being the news agent within the WEFTA family.   


Jörg, impressed by the contents of the jury report, emphasised in his speech the good spirit in WEFTA and the importance of mutual exchange of scientific information in the yearly WEFTA meetings. Jorg gave an exclusive video-interview at the end of the WEFTA gala dinner. 

WEFTA award 2008, September 2008