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WEFTA - award 2009
Joop Luten

Joop Luten (European Business Developer at Nofima, sr EU advisor at Imares) received at the 3rd Trans Atlantic Fish Technologist (TAFT) meeting in Copenhagen the WEFTA award 2009.This prestigious award is given for his outstanding contribution to the profession of seafood science and technology in Europe and having demonstrated excellent leadership and achievements for WEFTA.

Elements mentioned in the jury report
Joop Luten has served WEFTA well for a number of years. He has participated in many WEFTA meetings over these years and has contributed with presentations and good suggestions for how to manage an association like WEFTA.

The award recipient is a skilled scientist and has published a number of articles in high ranked journals and chapters in books. The recipient's scientific interests are covering most of the topics discussed at WEFTA meetings. His interests have been more focused in the direction of technology and nutrition, the importance of seafood for consumers, and interest in the whole production chain, that be from traditional fisheries or from aquaculture.

The most significant accomplishments
Joop Luten has been coordinator of several research projects and concerted actions, has published papers on the determination of indole, selenium, arsenic, has been the author of four books about seafood, and has organised several scientific conferences, among which are WEFTA conferences. As such he has been a very active member of the Meeting of Representatives of WEFTA for many years.

He has been a leading scientist in many respects, over the last years should be mentioned leading role in the Integrated Project SEAFOODplus, where he was very active since it was decided to apply for a big seafood project at the WEFTA meeting in Finland in 2001, and all the way through proposal drafting, running the project and reporting and disseminating the results.

He has done an excellent job as coordinator of the largest RTD Pillar of SEAFOODplus and integrated the research across the other pillars of the project. His achievements in this project and his other scientific merits have been outstanding.

WEFTA award 2009 winner