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Jörg Oehlenschläger retired
Lively reception on 30th October

On 30th October a reception was held in Hamburg for the official retirement of Prof. Dr. Jörg Oehlenschläger from the Department of Fish Quality of the Max Rubner – Institute. Approximately 60 colleagues and industrial representatives attended this lively meeting.

Joop Luten was present on behalf of WEFTA. After some official speeches by the industry and the representative from the Ministry,  Joop Luten got the opportunity to speech about the impact of Jorg's activities for WEFTA. And above all he could give an overview of social activities of  Jorg in WEFTA context. The title of his speech was 'Jörg Oehlenschläger, an international connaisseur' of science, seafood, wine, dancing and Beatle music. He handed over on behalf of the WEFTA community two bottles of excellent Italian wine for Jorg's wine cellar.

At the end of the event Hartmut Rehbein, his colleague and director from the Department of Fish Quality of the Max Rubner – Institute in Hamburg presented highlights of Jorg's activities related to fish quality and safety research.

Jörg started his career with several expeditions in Antarctic waters studying the potential of krill and fish for human consumption. Later work included development and application of methods for determination of freshness and spoilage of fish and shellfish by chemical analysis and sensory assessment. Determination of heavy metals and cholesterol in fish and seafood were other fields Jörg was engaged with great success- The results of his scientific studies were used by him as a background to be engaged in food legislation and regulation, e.g. in the Codex Alimentarius Fish Committee.

The WEFTA community knows him from many EU projects, numerous WEFTA meetings and as the chairman of the WEFTA working group on analytical methods. His many activities were honoured by achieving the first WEFTA award in 2008. We all wish Jörg a happy and healthy retirement and we hope to see him at the next WEFTA meeting in Izmir 2010.

Jorg is retired