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WEFTA at Bremen Seafood exhibition 21-23 February 2010

WEFTA was well represented at the Bremen Seafood exhibition 21-23 February. The WEFTA partners MRI  (Germany) and Imares (The Netherlands) build up the WEFTA booth on Sunday. Further a large Turkish delegation from the EGE University was supporting the WEFTA team. Posters from Nofima, Imares, IPIMAR and EGE University were on the walls of the 50m2 booth. Further documentation material about research activities from some WEFTA partners  were available as hand-out material for visitors. Representatives from MRI, Imares, Nofima, University of EGE and DTU Food were in the booth for giving answers to visitors from industry and scientific community. A few interesting workshops were held during the exhibition days.

Product shows in the form of cooking demonstration were popular at this exhibition. And it seems to give new opportunities for scientists to communicate about seafood. Themes as Fit with fish, Fish and Taste,  and Fish keeps body and mind fit were communicated by several German scientists. Even the 1st WEFTA award winner and retired employee of MRI has a new job as seafood entertainer as you can see in the video. So there is a seafood life after WEFTA. 

WEFTA at Bremen Seafood exhibition 2010