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Influence vulcano ash on marine environment and fish composition?
Question raised at end WEFTA WG meeting Analytical Methods 2010

The 32nd annual meeting of the WEFTA Working Group on Analytical Methods took place under the chairmanship of Horst Karl in Portugal, at INRB, Instituto Nacional de Recursos Biológicos, IPIMAR, Lisboa on Thursday June 3, 2010.
The meeting was attended by representatives from nine institutions of the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Next year, an invitation will also be sent to Sanja Vidacek from Croatia, who asked to participate in the WG.
Apologies for absence were received from the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and Italy (Florence). Denmark was represented by Bo Jorgensen due to M. Timm-Heinrichs change of job. No notices were received from Poland, Finland and UK.

Publication of inter-laboratory trial on fat determination

The paper on fat determination was discussed. Some comments on the statistical conclusions and on the homogenisation of the sample were made. The results from one extra institute will be added. They stored the samples during 10 months at – 20°C. Their results will not influence the conclusions of the paper. Horst Karl will adapt the paper and do the recalculations. He will send around the paper before sending it to the JAOAC. The method is less reproducible for lean fish.

Parasites progress reports

Margarita Tejada (IdF) presentated a new project on nematodes and their allergens. This project is financed by the Spanish government. She asked help for the collection of nematodes. A protocol for the collection samples will be distributed.

Veronique Verrez-Bagnis (Ifremer) submitted a new project proposal in France, but no response was obtained yet. The project is about cryptosporidium and parasites of freshwater perch on the Lehman lake. She will send around a summary of the proposal.

EFSA evaluation of parasites in fish

A scientific review on parasites in fish written by EFSA appeared in April 2010. Such a paper might induce some new funding sources fro projects. France worked on consumer perception of parasites in fish. Ifremer will distribute information. Horst Karl cooperated with Norway for a project on prevalence and distribution of parasites in herring. He also worked on parasites in grey gurnard.

Vulcano ashes

Horst Karl raised the question if there is information on the influence of the volcanic ashes on the marine environment and fish composition. Heida Palmadottir (Matis) will send around details of contact persons working on this subject.

Date and place of the next meeting

The next WG meeting will be organised by Aquaculture and Hygiene of Fish Production, University of Bologna, Viale Vespucci 2, 4702 Cesenatico on the 26th of May 2011.

WG Analytical Methods 2010 meeting