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Seafood professor at Wageningen University
Joop Luten appointed and will continu work at Nofima

Wageningen University, part of Wageningen UR, has announced the appointment on 1 June 2010. Dr Joop Luten as Professor of the newly created Chair of Seafood. 

Professor Luten’s teaching and research remit will involve the relationship between the diet of fish on the one hand and the nutritional and sensory (taste and smell) characteristics of fish as health-promoting food for humans on the other. He will focus on the fish production methods – primarily aquaculture – that reflect the consumer preference for fresh, nutritious, high-quality fish and on innovative market research in this area.

The Seafood Chair is funded by IMARES, the institute for marine ecological research at Wageningen UR, and falls under the Product Design and Quality Management Group at Wageningen University.

Joop Luten graduated in Analytical and Food Chemistry from Utrecht University in 1973. He gained his PhD at the same university in 1977. Luten combines his position as European Business Developer at Nofima (research institute for food, fisheries and aquaculture) in Tromsø, Norway, with his work at IMARES in IJmuiden. He is a member of the management team of WEFTA (European association of research institutes for fish technology) on behalf of Imares and vice-president of the SEAFOODplus research platform.


Joop Luten