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Torger Børresen WEFTA Award Winner 2010
First working then winning

Hartmut Rehbein, chair of the WEFTA award committee presented at the conference gala dinner of WEFTA 2010 in Cesme in Turkey the jury report. The other members of the jury were Jörg Oehlenschläger (1st WEFTA Award Winner), Even Stenberg, Maria Leonor Nunes and Joop Luten (2nd WEFTA Award Winner).

The WEFTA award was now given for the 3rd time. The award is initiated to recognise persons who have been contributing to the WEFTA spirit. The WEFTA Award 2010 was given to Torger Børresen from DTU Food in Lyngby, Denmark for his outstanding contribution to seafood science and technology. The jury also recognised his great contribution to the WEFTA as organization well known now in Europe and in particular by his efforts for connecting WEFTA and similar seafood technology organisations in the USA. Torger's research in seafood protein science was the start of his long career. He has been coordinating a large number of small and large national and international (e.g. SEAFOODplus) research projects.

Hartmut Rehbein mentioned in his presentation that the first three WEFTA award winners are often called the WEFTA trio. And now the trio is united again as awards winners


Besides the WEFTA award certificate Torger received a vase with ornaments from the middle ages. The vase was from a limited edition. Torger mentioned in his speech that he hopes that the younger generation of seafood scientists will carry on the good work of WEFTA.

Jorg Oehlenschläger gave some exclusive comments about the WEFTA Award Winner 2010 in a video-interview during the WEFTA gala dinner.

In response to this interview Torger mentioned that he is 1.87 high and not almost 1.85 as Jorg Oehlenschläger was mentioning.

WEFTA Award 2010