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Seven WEFTA 2010 videoclips available!
Re-enjoy WEFTA 2010 meeting in Cesme Turkey

Although we are looking forward to WEFTA 2011 in Gothenburg (Sweden) you now have the opportunity to enjoy again the memories of the WEFTA 2010 in Cesme in Turkey. All photos received and video films made are compiled into a number of small Youtube films. You can watch the video directly at the WEFTA Youtube channel or by clicking below on the various films.

Joop Luten, WEFTA award winner 2009, presented in his speech ‘A fish called WEFTA’ the development of seafood research within WEFTA inspired on Monthy Peyton shows. He presented the video report of the first WEFTA award winner’s conference in Bucholz (Germany) in 2010.

He further showed the interesting results from several Cohort studies based upon 40 years WEFTA meetings. Relation between seafood, wine and dance and the risk of increased scientific publications was shown. This was supported by an advice of the WEFTA award winner 2009 about the best combination of wine and dance or seafood as shown in the video clips below.


A large number of presentations in parallel session were given during this WEFTA 2010 conference. The video clip below  gives an impression of the speakers, chairpersons and the breaks.

Our host from the Izmir University showed us around in Cesme area and everybody could enjoy in the late evening from the outside dinner as shown in the video clip below.

The WEFTA 2010 conference dinner brought all the participants together in a good ambiance. Hartmut Rehbein, chair of the WEFTA award committee could hand over the WEFTA 2010 award to Torger Børresen from DTU Food. An impression of the conference dinner is presented below.

After the Conference participants were offered the opportunity to participate in an excursion to Ephesus and Pergamum. The video impression of this excursion is presented below

WEFTA 2010 videoclips