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Ingrid Undeland and Margarita Tejada the WEFTA award winners 2011
Excellence in seafood science

In a great ambiance at the River Cafe in Gothenburg the WEFTA award winners 2011 were announced by Maria Leonor Nunes (chairperson of the award committee). The committee has evaluated the various nominated candidates. In her speech Maria Leonor mentioned that the candidates have been contributing significantly and outstanding to seafood research, seafood technology and research of health effects from seafood. Their CVs and scientific records were evaluated and decision was taken upon following criteria: contributions to seafood science, technology, industry, academia and governmental organisations and leadership in their profession. ‘She, he or they’ as Maria Leonor presented the candidates have shown to be an excellent coordinator and leader of national and international projects. Finally she announced that Ingrid Undeland (Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden) and Margarita Tejada (ICTAN-CSIC, Madrid, Spain) are the WEFTA award winners 2011. (see video below)

Ingrid Undeland responded that growing up in the WEFTA family has been a fantastic adventure for her. WEFTA was for her a good platform to grow as a scientist and creating networks. Mercedes Careche from ICTAN-CSIC took the award on behalf of' Margarita Tejada who could not attend the WEFTA 2011. Mercedes mentioned that Margarita was the pioneer in Spain in seafood science and technology. (see video below)

The winners received also a gift. The gift for Margarita Tejada was a carafe for water or wine as one of the pieces of the Nobel service. The carafe is made by Orrefors Glasswork and is designed by Gunnar Cyrén. An aquarelle from the Norwegian artist Kari Rindahl Endresen was the gift Ingrid Undeland received. Mercedes informed Margarita about the award recognition by phone (see video).

A few days later Margarita Tejada expressed her appreciation for getting th WEFTA 2011 award (see video below).

WEFTA award winners 2011