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Nigel Allan passed away
The sad news has been received from our colleagues in Canada that Nigel Allen passed away suddenly 12 January 2012. Nigel worked for many years as Director of Centre for the Aquaculture and Seafood Development at the Marine Institute, Newfoundland, Canada. Throughout his career Nigel acquired wide international experience having worked on projects in Europe, North America, Southern Africa, South East Asia and China. Nigel and his wife, Nid, had been living in Tanzania for the past few years, working on behalf of the Marine Institute and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. Nigel was a unique, personable and very well-liked character joining us for several WEFTA meetings. He received the Earl P. McFee award by the AFTC for his achievements in 2002. We all learned a lot from his great experience and work all over the world. When partying he was always attracting a lot of attention, and at one special occasion he was known as the ‘barefoot dancer’. He will certainly be missed as the good friend he always was.