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Javier Borderias WEFTA award winner 2012.
Successful in the area of seafood product development
The WEFTA outstanding scientist award was installed to acknowledge persons who have contributed significantly and outstanding to the different sub-disciplins of seafood science and technology.
This years´ WEFTA-committee consisted of Jörg Oehlenschläger, Joop Luten, Hartmut Rehbein, Torger Børresen, Ingrid Undeland and Margarita Tejada. Several nominations were sent into this committee which resulted in long and intense discussions. However, the WEFTA award 2012 winner is Javier Borderias from ICTAN, Madrid Spain.
Javier Borderias has an extensive record in seafood science. He is an author and/or co-author of numerous WEFTA presentations and posters. He is always active in contributing to the discussions during annual WEFTA meetings. He has filed several patents. He has been excellent at making academic results applicable for the industry and has helped industry to solve a lot of problems. His excellent research has been on the functional properties of proteins from different fish species. Factors such as seasonal variations, pre-freezing storage, processing and novel types of ingredients have been evaluated in depth. This research has resulted in >80 publications, and also many PhD’s. Further Javier Borderias has been very active and successful in the area of seafood product development which has lead to several national awards. Among the most successful products he has been part of developing the imitation baby-eel which is nowadays a commercial success in Spain his home country.
Ingrid Undeland and Margarita Tejada, WEFTA award winners in 2011 handed over the award at the gala dinner of the the TAFT meeting in Florida. Watch the video (made by Ulrik Cold, DTU Food)!

WEFTA award winner 2012